METS Outcomes – 2017 College enrollments

In fall 2017, 83 METS seniors enrolled in 27 different college. This was a smaller senior class than METS usually has, mostly due to the transition to new target schools.

Following up on recent trends
In our previous studies, we
identified a few areas to study further. The first, was a trend of less students attending the University of Maine in recent years. This year, as usual UMaine was the most popular school of enrollment for METS graduates, with a rate of 21.7%. This is a return to the rates we had seen before the last two years. 

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METS Outcomes – Length of attendance for graduates and non-graduates

Now that we have studied the attainment rates of METS students,In the next few posts, we will be looking at the some of the attainment trends from the METS enrollment class of 2007-2008. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the length of time METS students are spending in their postsecondary education by first looking at the number of different colleges attended by METS students, the number of students taking classes at multiple college simultaneously, and then the number of semesters in college for METS students who did not complete a postsecondary degree.

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METS Outcomes – Types of degrees completed by METS Students

Previously, we studied the rate at which METS students completed postsecondary degrees when compared with their peers. Today, we’ll look a little further into the types of degrees these students completed. Specifically, we will be breaking down the number of adult certificate, associates, and bachelors degrees received by the 125 METS seniors who enrolled in postsecondary education during the Fall 2008. We will also be looking at the number of advanced degrees.

When determining a postsecondary attainment rate, the standard measuring period, such as that used in the study performed by National Student Clearinghouse on behalf of the state of Maine, is six years.

In several instances, student’s received more than one type of degree. In these cases, we counted the highest level received. Specifically:

  • Two students completed a Certificate and an Associates degree,
  • One student completed a Certificate and a Bachelors degree,
  • Three students completed an Associates and a Bachelors degree,
  • And one student completed two different Associates degrees.

Sometimes these degrees were received separately, such as you would see in a 2+2 program, while in other instances they were all received at the same time.

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