METS Outcomes – 2017 College enrollments

In fall 2017, 83 METS seniors enrolled in 27 different college. This was a smaller senior class than METS usually has, mostly due to the transition to new target schools.

Following up on recent trends
In our previous studies, we
identified a few areas to study further. The first, was a trend of less students attending the University of Maine in recent years. This year, as usual UMaine was the most popular school of enrollment for METS graduates, with a rate of 21.7%. This is a return to the rates we had seen before the last two years. 

We had also noticed that geographic location was a large factor in enrollment, particularly with community colleges. This trend did continue in 2017, where all 16 students who enrolled in the Maine Community College system choose the college that was the closets geographically.

Types of colleges attended
When looking at the type of colleges attended, rates stayed relatively close to where they have been in recent years. Of note, only 12% of METS students chose to go to college out-of-state. This is lowest rate we have seen in recent years.

About half, or 50.6% of METS seniors enrolled in University of Maine System schools. Almost 20% attended enrolled in Maine Community College schools. This continues the trend of METS students largely attending public, in-state institutions.