Mindset Lists – This year’s Freshman Class, and a little about the Faculty, too!

One of the skills every college student needs to learn, is how to relate with their classmates. This can be true for professor’s as well, which was the prompt for the mind-set list put out by Beloit College. Each year, they produce a list that highlights things that are true for most of this year’s traditional aged students. Continue reading

Transitioning to college

All around the country, students are starting to get ready to go to college in the fall. Some are going for the first time, recent graduates from high school. Others are returning to college after some time away. Some are confident, sure that they are perfectly ready to hit the ground running. Others are mildly terrified. Most students, however, fall somewhere in between, and waffle from scared to excited from minute to minute. There are a million articles out there about preparing to college, but this one from a counselor in Cleveland has some particularly good advice.

You should definitely check out the whole article, but a few points to highlight include:

  • Network and interact with a wide variety of people.
  • Seek out a mentor to assist with the transition to college. Limit advice from those who never set foot on a campus for the college experience.
  • Use college counselors to stay on track.

Nobody gets through college all on their own! Create your own network of friends and mentors, who can help you succeed.

One place to start is with Student Support Services, a TRIO program available at many colleges. Not sure if your college has TRIO? The Maine Educational Opportunity Association has a list of all TRIO programs in Maine. Would you like an introduction? Your METS advisor would be happy to help you find out, just ask!

Good luck!

Summer reading, preventing “Summer Slide”

Many, many studies have shown that there are many benefits for high school students who regularly read during the summer. Students who don’t may suffer from “Summer Slide” which is when students can lose up to a month of the knowledge they learned during the previous year. I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in having to learn the same things twice.

Reading is also the best, and most enjoyable way to improve your vocabulary, which is a must if you are going to be taking the SAT soon!

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