Thank you Cindy Homer!

Cindy Homer

A special Maine Educational Talent Search thank you to Cindy Homer, Maine State Crime Lab and Adjunct Professor at the University of Maine Augusta.

Cindy presented to students on the vast field of forensic science and explored the varied educational paths individuals take to work in the field. There is no one education path to work in forensics, just a passion for solving puzzles and strong critical thinking skills. Students were interested in learning more about the actual day-to-day work as it compares to TV shows. Cindy dispelled the myth that you can solve a case in a 1-hourshow, but it is similar in that no two days or cases are alike.

Cindy shared there can be challenges in her work, but feels the importance of helping to solve crimes and exonerate innocent people creates a good balance. Cindy shares a passion for working in the lab and as an educator. Cindy shared that she loves teaching and encouraging students to pursue careers in the field of forensics. 

METS Virtual Career Fair Day – March 7th and 9th

Tuesday– March 7th, 2023
4:00 pm
Careers in Forensics

Cindy Homer, with the State of Maine Crime Lab/Professor at the University of Maine Augusta.

Forensic science is the use of scientific expertise to investigate crimes or examine evidence. Forensic science includes fingerprint & DNA analysis to anthropology and wildlife forensics.

Thursday – March 9th, 2023
4:00 pm
Careers in Science

Diane L. Spencer, M.S., is a Health Scientist in the Office of the Associate Director of the National Toxicology Program (NTP) Division of NIEHS. She has been employed at NIEHS for over 33 years – as a research technician, laboratory manager, and currently as a health scientist in the National Toxicology Program.

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METS Virtual Career Fair – Thank You Jason Nappi!

A special thank you to Meteorologist, Jason Nappi with News Center Maine.

Jason presented at the 2023 METS Annual Career Fair on his career in weather science. Jason shared that it was when he was a middle school student that he fell in love with Maine’s winter weather, and started thinking about his future. His message to the student was to follow their dreams and don’t let negative messaging stand in their way. He impressed upon the students that anything is possible if you work hard enough.

Jason shared weather videos that captured unexpected thunder snow and strange weather patterns. Jason encouraged the students interested in weather science careers to take lots of math and science classes in school, to ask questions, and explore options because anything is possible.

Thank you Jason for such a powerful and caring presentation!