METS Summer Newsletter 2017

​​In This Issue:
  • METS Referral program – Win a New iPad!!!
  • Bridge to Your Future summer program
  • Welcome Meghan Connelly!
  • Summer Activities for METS Students
  • METS College Trips

METS referral program

METS still has spaces available for this year, and are actively looking to fill them with motivated students who are interested in learning more about going to college! New this year, METS has started an incentive program for METS students who refer their friends to METS.

This year, the METS student who refers the most students to METS will win a new iPad!!!

This contest will be ending August 31, so get your referrals in now! If you’re not sure how to reach your advisor over the summer, our Contact Page can help you out..

Bridge to Your Future Summer Program

Bridge to Your Future, 2016

Registration is now open for the Bridge to Your Future summer program! This program has the goal of helping METS students make their transition to college as successful as possible! , and is available for METS graduating seniors who are enrolled in college this coming fall. This year’s program is being held at the University of Maine, August 7-8. The registration deadline is July 21st.

The event registration form, as well as the most up to date information, can be found on our website:

Welcome Meghan Connelly!

METS is happy to welcome Meghan Connelly as the new advisor to the Lake Region schools! Meghan has been helping out in the schools this summer, so if you see her, say hello!

I am very thrilled to be the new METS Advisor in Lake Region High School and Middle School!

I graduated from the University of Maine in 2015 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, and again this past May with my Master’s Degree in Student Development in Higher Education. For the past two years, I have been an Academic Advisor for the College of Education and Human Development, where I helped students through course selection, program requirements, and preparation for teacher certification upon graduation. During this time, I taught college success courses for first-year students, guiding them through the transition from high school to college. In addition, I was an academic mentor for students-athletes, where I taught intervention strategies such as successful study skills, organizational habits, and time management techniques.

I have a passion working with students of all ages and from all backgrounds, providing them with academic, career, and educational advising and support, and I look forward to beginning this journey on the METS Team!”

Summer Activities for METS Students

This summer, METS will be periodically posting links to activities that METS students might find interesting. Some will be podcasts, some websites, others places to go! You can always click on the Summer Activities tag on the right side of our website to ke

Here are a few that have been posted so far:

Summer reading, preventing “Summer Slide”
Many, many studies have shown that there are many benefits for high school students who regularly read during the summer. Students who don’t may suffer from “Summer Slide” which is when students can lose up to a month of the knowledge they learned during the previous year. I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in having to learn the same things twice.
Read more here..

How Stuff Works – Science


So… Now what? Hopefully, lots of time to play, and enjoy the sun! Still, if you’re at all like I am, there’s plenty of down time in the summer, particularly on the (hopefully rare) rainy summer days. In the past, METS has posted fun sites/articles to check out, and we’re hoping to keep doing that going forward.

Today’s site to check out is the How Stuff Works – Science site. If you’re at all interested in the world around you, there’s going to be something on this site worth checking out. From how many planets could actually host life, to why DNA evidence may be unreliable, there’s something on this site for everyone! If you’re more of a listener than a reader, How Stuff Works also has a popular series of podcasts, on a similarly wide number of topics.

Read more here

METS College Trips

Maine Educational Talent Search Trip to Bates College

METS Trip to Bates

This year, METS students went on college trips all throughout Maine, and as far as Boston! A few of this years trips are featured on our website, and can be found by clicking on the college trips tag on the right hand side of the website.. Did you go on a college trip this year? What was your favorite part of the trip? If you took any pictures, send them on to your METS Advisor, we’d love to see them!


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