Bridge to Your Future

You are Invited to

“Bridge to Your Future!”

 A program sponsored by the Maine Educational Talent Search

Transitions, as exciting as they are, can pose their own set of challenges. This program is designed to help as you make a successful transition from high school to college over the summer. We know you’ve heard about financial aid, dealing with roommates, purchasing textbooks and all the tasks that need to be completed over the summer. We’ve told you!

But somehow, when it’s staring you in the face, the messages take on a different tone. Sometimes students are tempted to just skip some stuff, or miss a deadline, and the consequence can be not actually making it to college. It’s called “summer melt!” Not what you’ve been working toward!

The program has two parts:

Part 1:  A two-day event, August 7-8, on the campus of the University of Maine. Full of speakers, workshops, panels, and FUN, you will meet other ETS students who plan to attend the same college as you, and get lots of information and tips about what you need to do over the summer.

Part 2:  The weekend will be followed by a program of text messages to you and your parents with reminders about deadlines, encouraging words, and practical help to get you over any bumps on the bridge.

This program will be provided at NO COST to you. Room, meals, and all materials are included. If you cannot participate in the weekend, you can still opt in to the text messages. We need to know whether you would like to participate in this great opportunity! We also need to know whether you would need assistance with transportation to the University of Maine campus in Orono for the weekend.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact your METS advisor.

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Please submit your registration by Friday, July 21, 2017.