METS Spring 2016 Newsletter

​​In This Issue:
  • Introducing the new METS Website and blog
  • METS Grant submitted
  • Summer checklist for seniors
  • Bridge to Your Future Summer program
  • 7 questions with METS Alumna Sam B.

Introducing the new and improved Maine Educational Talent Search Website!
METS is very happy to introduce our new website/blog! Our goal is to provide a place for METS schools, students, and parents to find up-to-date information that will help them get the most out of their METS experience! We will also be introducing a twitter feed for our students and a facebook group for alumni, so check back often!
METS Grant Submitted
The METS Grant was submitted to the Department of Education in January. Grants are in the process of being reviewed and rated now, and we expect to hear back at some point this summer. Many thanks to all of the folks who helped us pull together the grant, without your partnerships and patience it never would have happened!
Congratulations! You’ve finally gotten through twelve years of school, you’ve gotten accepted to your college of choice, and now you have a few months of summer to enjoy before your college career begins! If you’re anything like I was right after high school, your summer bucket list includes things such as lying on a beach and spending time with friends you won’t see for a while. By all means, make plenty of time do all of these things!

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Bridge to Your Future

June 24th-26th METS and the University of Maine Presque Isle Talent Search program are co-sponsoring a weekend at the University of Maine for graduation Talent Search seniors who are planning on going to college. Students will get the chance to meet other students attending their college of choice and work with mentors, all while learning strategies to help ease the transition from High School to College.

Interested seniors and parents can find more information on the Bridge to Your Future section of the website.

The Registration deadline is May 27th.


Seven questions with METS alumna Sam B.

What college did you graduate from, and what was your major?
I graduated from the University of Maine in Orono with a Bachelor’s in Social Work.

What helped you decide on your major?
What helped me decide on my major was being part of the Big Brother Big Sister program in high school and seeing the positive impact the program had on my little sister.

What was your favorite class in college, and why?
My favorite class was probably my field placement course during my senior year in the social work program. This was a class where I got to go out into the field and work in an area of my interest and put my skills to use in a real practice setting. This class also contained a seminar where we met weekly and I got to hear from my classmates what their experiences in their placements was like and I really enjoyed that.

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