Summer Checklist for recent METS Graduates

Congratulations! You’ve finally gotten through twelve years of school, you’ve gotten accepted to your college of choice, and now you have a few months of summer to enjoy before your college career begins! If you’re anything like I was right after high school, your summer bucket list includes things such as lying on a beach and spending time with friends you won’t see for a while. By all means, make plenty of time do all of these things!

While you’re having fun though, don’t forget that the summer is a time when you can start to get yourself prepared for college so you can hit the ground running! Here are some things you may be able to take care of before showing up to school, depending on your school.

  1. Set up your school accounts. Most schools these days have online accounts that can be used to register for classes, monitor your Financial Aid, and more. By setting up these accounts and checking your status, you can catch any problems over the summer, instead of rushing to problem solve while starting your first classes!
  2. Set up your email account. Email is still the primary communication tool for classes and from most colleges. Setting up your address early will help you make sure you don’t miss any key communications!
  3. Attend New Student Orientation. Most colleges offer a new student orientation over the summer. While getting lost on your way to classes is a little bit of right of passage for all students, it’s always nice to have a little idea how to get around on campus when you show up!
  4. Reach out to your roommate. Whether or not you know your roommate already, it’s best to have a plan as to who is bringing what! Dorm rooms are generally not huge, so a good plan will make sure you have enough to make your room comfortable, without making it feel overcrowded!
  5. Research some clubs. Getting involved in clubs on campus is the best way to meet people who share similar interests to you. Many clubs have orientations and get to you know you events around the first few days of school, so planning ahead can make it much easier to fit them in.
  6. Look for jobs on campus. For many students, on campus jobs are a vital part of their plan to pay for college. Good jobs on campus can fill up fast, so start looking before you show up to campus!
  7. Look into TRIO programs on campus. As a METS alum, you are more prepared than many of your fellow incoming freshmen. You may also have access to other resources depending on what college you’re going to! Ask your METS advisor if there is a TRIO program that may be able to help you while you’re at school.

Good luck, and don’t forget to let us know how you’re doing!