Financial Aid Friday’s Week 3 – Understanding Your Financial Aid Award Letter

Understanding Your Financial Aid Award Letter

It is very important to fully understand your award letter and know your options.

Things to consider

  • What is your annual cost of attending school?
    • Tuition, Fees, Living Expenses, Books, Travel, Childcare, etc.
  • What are the types of aid that you are being offered?
    • Free Aid – Federal Grants, State Grants, Scholarships
    • Loans – Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans
  • What is Work Study?
    • Is Work Study guaranteed?
    • What types of jobs are available?
    • Will work study work for me and my schedule (and my family)?

After you Review – What if it is not enough?

Reach out to your METS Advisor for guidance!

They can help direct you to potential scholarships and training programs that may be able to help. Has your (family’s) financial situation changed since 2021? It is important to inform your school of any financial changes in your family. Your advisor can also help with your Request for Professional Judgement and Review of your Award.

Remember you are not alone – Reach out your METS Advisor – Get Help, Ask Questions, and Follow up!