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Maine Educational Talent Search

Helping Maine’s Low Income and Potential First Generation College
Youth Access Higher Education Since 1977

Educational Talent Search (ETS)

• is the early intervention federal TRIO Program in Maine – serving students in grades 6 through 12.
• has 38 years of successful experience in helping Maine students aspire to, prepare for, and enroll in college.
• currently serves 1,111 students in Maine – in 28 needy schools.
• is funded entirely by United States Dept. of Education.
• The UMaine ETS program is one of two in Maine. The other is located at the University of Maine Presque Isle, and serves 500 students each year.
• A potential first generation college student is someone whose parents did not earn a bachelors degree.

The Mission of ETS is:

• increase the awareness of postsecondary educational opportunities available to Maine’s low income, first generation youth (grades 6-12) that desire to pursue a postsecondary education.
• assist eligible youth in successfully completing their secondary education and preparing for successful entry into postsecondary educational programs, with the goal of ultimately earning a college degree.

Why Educational Talent Search in Maine?

• In Maine – 25% or 66,038 youth live at or below 125% of the poverty level. (American Community Survey, 2011)
• 63% of individuals aged 25 or over in Maine do not have a college degree. (ACS 2011)
• Nationally, only 29% of low-income graduating seniors enroll in college by October of the following year. (National Center for Education Statistics, 2010)
• Students from families whose parents did not attend college score significantly lower on the Maine Educational Assessment than students whose parents are college educated. (ME Dept of Education)
• Nationally, youth in families whose income level places them in the bottom quartile (TRIO-eligible) have approximately an 11% chance of having earned a bachelors degree by age 25. (Mortensen, 2011)

A Measure of Student and Program Success
Maine Educational Talent Search has a notable record of student and program success. In 2014,

• 100% of METS seniors graduated.
• 82.9% of METS seniors enrolled in postsecondary education.
• METS has assisted more than 10,250 Maine Youth enroll in college since 1977.

Why Is METS Successful?

METS students experience a diverse curriculum – as well as opportunities that enhance their development and promote higher education. Our services focus on:

• Academic Skills (i.e. test-taking, study skills, etc)
• Personal Skills (i.e. self-concept, decision making)
• College Awareness & Planning
• Career Education & Exploration
• Financial Planning/Financial Aid process

ETS Succeeds – Year After Year

ETS has established collaborative relationships with schools, communities and parents. For low income, first generation students, METS builds the expectation of higher education beginning in the 6th grade. Program success is predicated on early planning and awareness as well as early preparation for the rigors of higher education. Continued success represents the opportunity for disadvantaged Maine youth in accessing higher education, therefore breaking the cycle of poverty.